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Granulator: Glatt Powder Coater Granulator GPCG1

Department Name

Center for Structured Particulate Organic Systems (CSOPS)


A GPCG (Glatt-Powder-Coater-Granulator) from Glatt for processes that are uniform, reproducible and gentle on the product using fluid bed techniques. From demanding powder coating to simple drying. Whether granulation/ agglomeration, particle coating or pelletizing. Whether spraying from above (Top Spray), from below (Bottom Spray) or from the side (Tangential Spray): simply anything is possible with a GPCG.

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Functional Category

Physical Process : Fabrication

Facility Manager

Eric Erenrich

(732) 445-6711
(732) 445-6758
Engineering C124B

Important Note

Please contact the facility manager for cost and additional information.


CSOPS Labs, Engineering Wing C, Busch campus Piscataway, NJ
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04/18/13 9:32 AM