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Department : Rutgers Institute for Advanced Materials, Devices and Nanotechnology (IAMDN) - Microelectronics Research Laboratory (MERL)

The Microelectronics Research Laboratory (MERL) works closely with researchers in academia, government and industry to help solve problems in multidisciplinary science and engineering and high-tech industry, to carry out advanced research in micro- and nano-optoelectronics, solid state devices and electronic materials.

Department : Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The JEOL’s Cross Section Polisher IB-09010CP is routinely used to produce pristine cross sections of samples without smearing, crumbling, distorting or contaminating the samples in any way. The samples are fixed to a rotating sample holder that rocks under an argon beam with excellent precision. The angle of incidence of the argon beam is such that no surface contamination occurs during milling. 

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