Rutgers ORA

Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED)


Department : School of Environmental and Biological Science


  • Machine has four growth chamber towers.

  • Each tower can accommodate 6 deepwell or, 12 standard microwellplates.

  • Temperature, oxygen delivery rate, and shaking speed (~600 RPM Max) can be adjusted.

Department : Cell and Cell Product Fermentation Facility

The fermentation facility's goal has been to provide affordable fermentation services to a highly diverse client base. Completely renovated in 2011 the fermentation facility, which meets BL2-LS containment requirements, is comprised of four contiguous operation units:
•Material Preparation Laboratory
•Fermentation In-Process
•Computer Control
•Product Recovery Room

Bio-reactor working capacities range from 10 to 800 liters. All systems are computer controlled with algorithm-based cascade-capable PID programming.