Rutgers ORA

Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED)


Department : Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)

The Chemical Biology Core Facility (CBCF) is a service/research laboratory serving the biomedical research community at Rutgers as well as external partners/collaborators. The CBCF’s approach is to interact closely with our collaborators and clients, allowing for expedited and optimized chemical syntheses. The facility offers a wide array of modern chemical technologies in a state-of-the-art laboratory that can perform individual and parallel syntheses of up to several hundred research chemicals.

Department : New Jersey Medical School

Rutgers shares with the public at large a concern for the ethical use of animals in research and is firmly committed to discovery that will lead to the treatment and cure of disease and physical injury. Only once it is determined that alternative methods such as cell culture and computer models cannot effectively be used, a conscious decision is made to use laboratory animals in research as it is that both animals and humans are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Department : Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute

The Controlled Exposure Facility (CEF) Core provides expertise and facilities to conduct human and animal exposure studies.

Department : Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

The Rutgers-RWJMS DNA Core Facility is committed to providing quality, inexpensive services to researchers at Rutgers University and other scientific institutions and companies. The following services are provided at our facility:

Department : New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

The EcoComplex is dedicated to moving inventions from the lab to real-world applications as successful innovations in our state's businesses and industries, and to promoting New Jersey as a center for alternative energy and environmental innovations and enterprises.